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Can Your Financials Survive the Shark Tank?

Sharks in a tank make the other fish anxious to take action. Your financials and metrics should achieve have the same effect on your leadership team (if you really know them).

Your numbers and metrics should tell you the truth.

  1. What’s the health of the company?
  2. Are you doing the right things to drive sustainable value?
  3. Are you creating an appropriate level of anxiety to take action?

This 1-hour event will give you high-impact and immediate insights you can use to strengthen your company and increase your profitability. This is business finance like you’ve not heard of before.

How To Leverage Your Banker as a Resource For Your Business

How do I work with a banker when my company is struggling? I’m looking to buy out a competitor – how do I go about raising the capital? What key metrics are the first to indicate to the bank that there is a problem or fraud? New Life CFO held a Mid-Market Banker Forum to help answer these questions and address many other relevant topics for small business with local banking experts.

Topics by Timestamp

00:00 :: Introductions
04:39 :: How should business owners engage with their banker?
07:21 :: How do bankers want business owners to work with them when their business is struggling?
11:55 :: When a loan isn’t right for a bank, how can the bank still help?
13:38 :: How can a banker help if a company already has alternate funding?
17:31 :: If a business is flourishing, how can a banker help with protecting their capital?
21:27 :: How does credit approval work at a regional bank?
27:04 :: What do bankers look at to determine if a loan is a quick “yes” or “no”?
29:05 :: The importance of the balance sheet
30:21 :: Each banker’s perspective on the current credit marke
33:31 :: How concerning are the economic stimulus packages, inflation and pending tax increases?
36:35 :: How to manage a company through economic downturns
37:47 :: Common circumstances that get a loan on the “watch list”
42:10 :: When is a conventional bank loan better than an SBA loan?
45:45 :: Should you borrow money when you don’t really need it?
48:20 :: Closing remarks

Turning Sweat Equity Into Gold

What’s better than bronze or silver? Gold! At our Entrepreneurial Education Forum we learned how to turn the sweat equity you have invested in your business into gold by ensuring you maximize the value of your company.

Last August our forum focused on selling your business. While selling your company is an event, maximizing its value in preparation for that sale is a process. A process that, when well executed, shores up weaknesses and prioritizes how to radically increase EBITDA and the multiple you will receive. Knowing this process and planning accordingly is the alchemy that turns the sweat equity you’ve poured into your business for years into the pile of gold you envisioned from the beginning.

Experts in finance, marketing, operations and wealth management will discuss strategies for building your company’s value through financial performance, operational execution, leadership development, revenue structure, and estate planning.

Topics by Timestamp

00:00 – 11:45 Introductions and overview of evening
11:46 – 16:10 How do I value my business, what things drive value, and how do I maximize it?
16:11 – 17:13 Transferability of your business’ value
17:14 – 18:11 Importance of purpose driven brand in value maximization
18:12 – 19:56 EBITDA vs. Revenue vs. Book Value
19:57 – 26:32 EBITDA adds and subtracts: What are biggest adjustments?
26:48 – 31:25 Working capital – how much is needed?
31:27 – 40:51 Value enhancement items
40:57 – 44:57 How far in advance of a sell should I start preparing?
45:02 – 55:55 Communicating your plans to your leadership team
56:02 – 57:17 How do you run a business today like you want to sell it tomorrow?
57:20 – 1:01:12 Types of buyers and what they want
1:01:21 – 1:02:18 Telling your story to buyers
1:02:26 – 1:04:38 Interest rate trends and strategy when selling your business
1:04:39 – 1:06:54 One thing to do to prepare for a successful exit
1:07:03 Closing comments

Preparing Your Business for an Outstanding Exit

In August 2021, New Life CFO Services held a hosted discussion with five business valuation experts on the buying and selling sides of the equation.

Discussion topics included:

  • How do I maximize the value and EBITDA multiple of my business?
  • What are buyers looking for?
  • How do I make due diligence as clean and efficient as possible?
  • What pitfalls are deal killers?
  • What is an earnout and how do they work?

Topics by Timestamp

00:00 :: Introduction of panelists
06:38 :: Current market perceptions for selling or buying mid-market companies
11:40 :: Do bankers have the same perceptions as investors?
13:35 :: How long does it take to get your company ready for sale, and what is involved in due diligence?17:44 Critical things to consider before you take your business to market
24:12 :: LOI phase – what things derail the process or blow up the deal?
28:22 :: What does my business look like to someone else?
28:53 :: Is cash or accrual basis accounting better when selling a company?
30:06 :: What timeframe of results is looked at?
31:25 :: How do you evaluate a company with explosively high growth?
33:45 :: Earnouts – what are they and how do they work?
40:23 :: What is the value of a pipeline/backlog?
45:05 :: ARR – What is it and how is it valued?
50:28 :: How risky is your revenue?
51:30 :: Is employee compensation looked at in due diligence for reasonability?
53:18 :: Culture is important
54:13 :: Type of buyer depends on what they will agree to with current employees
55:43 :: How do you handle buying a company when owner or major partner dies?
58:40 :: Closing comments

Super Charge Your Revenue Engine

Do you want to accelerate your topline growth but find your sales and marketing efforts are stuck in neutral?

Join our previously recorded live discussion as four experts in sales and marketing share the secrets to shifting into revenue overdrive!

Topics by Timestamp

00:00 – 5:42: Welcome and panelist introductions
05:43 – 12:08: When you walk into a new company, what are 3 things you look at to determine if there is a problem?
12:17 – 20:03: How do you know if a prospect will be a good customer?
20:59 – 29:30: What are some best practices companies use to ensure Sales and Marketing work great together?
30:48 – 42:02: Help us understand timelines to real Marketing and Sales impact
42:04 – 49:33: How do you help a struggling company that needs results fast?
49:51 – 57:09: What is one thing you think most people are missing out on regarding Sales and Marketing today?
1:04:39 – 1:06:12: What does a biochemistry degree have to do with sales and marketing? (Importance of analytics)
1:06:13 – 1:07:55: Is Marketing more important since Covid given the difficulty in reaching people now?

Systems Security, Evaluation and Fraud Prevention

New Life CEO Burt Copeland recently sat down with Clark Sandlin of Zyrka, who specializes in technology and IT managed services for private equity including software, hardware, systems, network, and cybersecurity. In this discussion, they cover common cyber security threats to small and middle-market companies as well as some tips and tricks for how to avoid these mistakes.

They also discuss:

  • Common areas of fraud
  • Fake vendors and employees
  • What is phishing
  • Wire requests from emails
  • What to look for in phishing emails
  • Software doesn’t mean security

Topics by Timestamp

00:00 :: Introduction 
02:51 :: Financial best practices: controls, fraud areas and what to look for; human side of fraud 
14:51 :: Zyrka overview 
18:23 :: Where’s your backup? Importance of software updates 
22:33 :: Phishing and how it works 
27:01 :: Email scams 
30:30 :: Simple is better; Why do we need this? 
39:14 :: Everyone is over-systemed; value of a fractional CIO/CTO 
50:30 :: Wrap up summary

Reimagining Recruitment and Retention Education Forum

“The Great Resignation”! “The Workplace Revolution”! Everyone is talking about it, and most employers are suffering the consequences. Nothing can upset a company’s upward trajectory more than not being able to recruit high-caliber talent or losing the key talent that makes you, you.

That’s why our Entrepreneur Educational Forum focuses on how you can set yourself up to WIN at recruiting and retention to ensure your company thrives. Our four panelists represent the very best at Recruiting, Retaining and Training your employees to enable your future.

Topics by Timestamp

00:00 - 5:50 :: Welcome and panelist introductions
05:51 - 10:38 :: Causes of the Great Resignation
10:39 - 14:13 :: What causes someone to leave a job without another one and what did they for?
14:14 - 16:35 :: With this turnover, are there opportunities to attract those resigning?
16:36 - 20:03 :: What effect have vaccine mandates had on resignation?
20:04 - 22:36 :: With the nature of what work is now being different, how do you attract Millennials and Gen Zs to your company?
22:37 - 28:32 :: How to create opportunities for the Seekers'entrepreneurship interests within your company
28:33 - 34:45 :: Measuring and forecasting productivity and capacity of remote workers
34:50 - 37:15 :: Recruitment is a marketing and selling process; Is this a paradigm shift?
37:16 - 42:48 :: Is the Great Resignation a false narrative?
44:00 - 47:00 :: Recruting, selling, and engaging employees
47:01 - 54:27 :: Technologies that connect with the Seekers
54:28 - 1:02:48 :: Top of the funnel tactics to identify good candidates; recruitment best practices
1:02:49 - 1:04:19 :: Being proactive and going to the candidates; continuous recruiting
1:04:20 - 1:10:38 :: Who is the best person in the company to "sell" the company to candidates (and internal employees)?
1:10:45 - 1:15:23 :: Should you hire for skill or character? If character, how to determine?
1:15:24 - 1:16:02 :: Thoughts on conducting stay interviews (vs. exit interviews)

Additional Panelist Resources

Mark Galvan, ProForce:

Download the Participant Resources & Notes

More Resources… Employer Branding – Talent Attraction – Reputation Management – Recruiting Optimization

Link to Schedule a complimentary Employer Brand Review

Mark Mitford, HR Catalyst Consulting:

Chris Bond, Bluewater Learning

Kim Kelley, pepelwerk

Accounting Wellness: Bad Numbers Lead to Bad Decisions


It is IMPOSSIBLE to make good decisions on bad numbers. But studies show the majority of CEOs have no idea what good accounting looks like nor how to ensure it’s working well without becoming a “bean counter” themselves.

Watch this webinar to gain high-impact and immediate insights you can use to strengthen your company and increase your profitability.

This is business finance like you’ve not heard of before!

Topics by Timestamp

01:05 – 02:34 Introductions
02:35 – 03:52 Importance of Accounting/Modules in Series
03:53 – 05:39 ROI of Accounting
05:40 – 07:33 Knowing Your Numbers
07:34 – 13:01 Your Best Use
13:02 – 15:36 Accounting and Selling Your Business
15:37 – 21:07 Accounting and Getting a Loan
21:08 – 24:56 Volatility in Your Numbers
24:57 – 28:50 Balance Sheet – Things to Look At; Close
28:51 – 30:28 Never Ending Minutia
30:29 – 32:01 KPIs vs. Details of Accounting
32:02 – 33:50 Processes Matter
33:51 – 35:26 Procrastination and Problems
35:27 – 41:21 Monitoring – Things to Check
41:22 – 43:08 Reporting – What are you Expecting to See?
43:09 – 57:05 Q & A Session

Accountant Qualifications & Reporting Excellence

Do your conversations with your accountant create order out of chaos? Or do you leave more confused than before? 🧐

Your numbers should provide clarity and decision-making insight, but all too often this is not the case for business owners.

Join Burt Copeland to learn how to ensure you as a business owner have clean books and high-quality financial reporting so you can make better decisions and make great impressions on bankers, investors, and buyers.

Topics by Timestamp

00:00 – 05:01 Introduction and summary of Accounting ROI from April 21
05:02 – 11:10 Difference between accountant and CFO
11:11 – 19:25 Do you suffer from title inflation? (bookkeeper vs. accounting manager vs. controller vs. CFO)
19:26 – 22:40 Span of influence by role
22:41 – 34:03 Accounting staff problem key indicators
34:04 – 35:02 Reporting – How you discover problems
35:03 – 36:23 What good accounting looks like
36:24 – 40:06 Decision tree financials
40:07 – 47:32 Trends and comparisons
47:33 – 51:57 Dashboards
51:58 – 53:58 Setting up targets
53:59 – 59:12 Summary and wrap up

Accounting Wellness: Accounting Systems & Snare Traps

During this live session, Burt Copeland will delve deep into the topic of accounting systems.

📍 Gain invaluable insights on assessing your current system’s performance and selecting the right solution for your organization’s needs.

📍 Explore crucial factors like system functionality, alignment with your business model, data accessibility, and more.

📍 Discover the intricacies of accounting systems and avoid potential pitfalls that can hinder your business growth.

Topics by Timestamp

00:00 – 02:27 | Introduction and recap of earlier sessions

02:28 – 04:28 | Software and the Dumb Tax

04:29 – 06:31 | Accounting System vs. ERP – Complexity & Disruption

06:32 – 16:09 | Considerations when Evaluating ERP Systems
- Needs assessment
- Greatest show on earth
- Proven expertise
- Commonplace is great

16:10 – 26:30 | Steps in the evaluation process
- Plan the work
- Assess your team
- Verify vendor support
- Know the real cost

26:31 – 39:37 | Are you really ready?
- Communicate
- Define
- Clean & control
- Tie outs & reconciliations
- Report controls
- Historical data

39:37 – 53:34 | System Faves & Freaks
- Primary ERP focus
- Great install base
- Data access/App friendly
- Minimizes tribal knowledge trap

53:34 – 1:00:47 | Q&A Session

Accounting Wellness: Accounting Blackholes & Fraud Prevention

In this session we will identify and explore tricky accounting situations that, if not managed closely, can quickly distort the reported financials and what decisions you are making. We will also explore how to quantify your risks for these scenarios, how to best mange them and what they look like to a potential buyer in scoping out you as a potential investment or acquisition. All of these situations require accounting and operations to be “Very Close Dance Partners” in keeping things under controls.

We will also review the most common areas of fraud, how to detect them and who is most likely to perpetuate these scams on your company. In addition, we will touch base on some software solutions that can keep you in firm control without burying you in the minutia.

Topics by Timestamp

00:00 – 2:00 Introduction and overview of past Accounting Wellness topics

02:01 – 11:32 Accounting Black Holes and Revenue Recognition Concerns

11:33 – 13:57 Businesses with Revenue Recognition Complexities

13:58 – 22:24 Revenue Recognition Example Walk Through

22:25 – 25:29 Fraud – Where You Least Expect It

25:30 – 39:15 Common Areas Where Fraud Occurs

39:16 – 43:13 Resources that can Help

43:14 – 45:02 Summary and Q&A

Your Financials: Understanding the Tools in the Toolbox

Get ready to transform your financial mindset with Burt Copeland!

We’ll explore:

  • Decoding your financials’ true purpose
  • P&L insights for success
  • Balance Sheet and Cash Flows demystified
  • Smart financial organization
  • Ditching old financial habits

Let’s unlock financial success together! 💰🌟

Topics by Timestamp

00:00 - 04:48 | Introduction
  • Staff's impact on your numbers
  • CFO's role to educate and prioritize
  • Upcoming topics through January
04:49 - 08:01 | What to look at in your monthly financials

08:01 - 10:54 | Purpose of:
  • Income statement
  • Balance sheet
  • Cash flow statement
10:55 - 12:16 | How the income statement works: It's more than just Revenue & EBITDA

12:17 - 20:23 | Balance sheet
  • Tells you how healthy your business is
  • Don't grow too fast
20:24 - 25:23 | Organizing your financials - iceberg overview
25:24 - 29:07 | Income statement decision tree organization
29:08- 34:04  | Revenue - not all is created equal
  • Lumpy vs. consistent
  • Gravel vs. diamonds
34:05 - 55:59 | Q&A Session

The P&L: It’s More Than Revenue & EBITDA

In the world of business, it’s essential to look beyond the surface numbers. Join us as Burt Copeland delves deep into the heart of your P&L statement, uncovering the true drivers of success. 💼

🔍 Key Takeaways:
📊 Revenue: Discover why quality matters more than quantity.
💰 Margin: Understand how it reflects your risks and organizational culture.
💡 Operating Costs: Learn how they’re not just overhead, but critical tools for accountability.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain valuable insights and network with like-minded professionals.

Topics by Timestamp

00:00 – 03:05 Introduction and Importance of Knowing Your Numbers

03:06 – 04:25 Your Numbers are a Reflection of Your People, Decisions, Behaviors, Processes & Systems

04:26 – 06:59 Purposes of Income Statement, Balance Sheet & Cash Flows

07:00 – 12:12 Income Statement Sandwich, Iceberg Organization, Decision Tree

12:13 – 18:44 Not All Revenue is Created Equal; Low vs High Value Revenue

18:45 – 29:58 Sample Income Statement Review

29:59 – 32:58 Turn Your Income Statement Upside Down

32:59 – 35:13 The Power of One – Day or %

35:14 – 37:16 Pricing Matrix

37:17 – 53:28 Trends & Comparisons; Margin Migraines & Key Metrics on an Income Statement

53:29 – 55:__ Summary and Q&A

The Balance Sheet Your Company’s Medical Chart

Join our host, Burt Copeland, as he unravels “The Balance Sheet – Your Company’s Medical Chart”. Just like a doctor needs to understand a patient’s medical chart before taking action, you too need to comprehend what your balance sheet tells you about your business. 🩺📈

In this event, you will walk away with key insights such as:
✅ How understanding your balance sheet’s design can tell a compelling story and focus your review.
✅ Learn how your balance sheet acts as the health barometer for your business – are you an overweight smoker or an Olympic athlete in the business world?
✅ Gain insights into how a banker interprets your balance sheet and what it means for your financial future.

Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to gain valuable insights into the financial well-being of your business. Mark your calendars and see you there! 📊🔍


Topics by Timestamp

00:00 - 02:50 Introduction & why Balance Sheet is most important financial statement
02:51 - 04:00 Financials as a reflection of your people, decisions and systems/processes
04:01 - 05:05 Income Statement vs. Balance Sheet vs. Cash Flows
05:06 - 07:47 What most CEOs look at first in their monthly financials and why they are wrong
07:48 - 11:24 Balance Sheet shows how far your business can grow
11:25 - 20:17 How a Balance Sheet is structured - "most to least" and what it all means
20:18 - 26:40 Balance Sheet - what to look for and question; Year over Year is important
26:41 - 31:59 What a really healthy Balance Sheet looks like
32:00 - 40:34 What an unhealthy Balance Sheet looks like
40:35 - 42:43 Critical KPIs - Cash Conversion Cycle and OPLIQ
42:44 - 45:53 Importance of Dashboards and examples
45:54 - 48:24 Know where your industry is in its business cycle
48:25 - 54:25 Q&A/wrap up

The Statement of Cash Flow: Rarely Used BUT Always Needed

Join us for the replay of “The Statement of Cash Flow – Rarely Used but Always Needed,” hosted by Burt Copeland. 🌱

In the world of business, cash is king, and understanding its flow is crucial. Yet, the “Statement of Cash Flow” often remains underutilized. This event is your chance to delve into its significance and learn how it can be a game-changer for your business.

🔍 Explore why the Statement of Cash Flow is a vital tool offering insights into liquidity and solvency, and discover how overlooking it can lead to financial pitfalls. We’ll also address the common disparity between EBITDA and actual cash flow, shedding light on why they don’t always align.

💡 Uncover how trends in the cash flow statement can act as early warning signals for internal process problems. Being proactive based on these trends can safeguard your company’s financial health.

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your financial acumen.

Let’s empower your business for a prosperous future! Register today! 🌱


Topics by Timestamp

00:00 - 06:40 Intro and importance of cash flow statements
06:41 - 08:52 Relationship of cash flow to growth
08:53 - 10:00 Good vs. bad balance sheets
10:01 - 11:29 Running out of cash is never forgiven
11:30 - 26:09 Statement of cash flow examples - A/R and Inventory consume cash
26:10 - 29:09 Investing activities and what to look for
29:10 - 30:17 Alternate way to look at cash flow
30:18 - 39:53 Cash drivers, trends & KPIs
39:54 - 46:21 KPI trend graphs
46:22 - 48:52 OPLIQ (Operating Liquidity)
48:53 - 1:00:00 Q&A

Dashboards, Metrics, Trends and KPI’s

Did you miss it?! That’s okay! Tune in for an exclusive LinkedIn Live on Dashboards, Metrics, Trends and KPIs. 🎙️

🔍 Unlock the secrets of:
✨ Creating Tension with Tools
✨ Successful Dashboard Launches
✨ Financial Insights: P&L and Balance Sheet
✨ Burt’s Favorite KPIs

Don’t miss out on expert insights and actionable strategies! 🚀


Topics by Timestamp

00:00 – 05:41 Introduction
05:42 – 09:30 Why metrics are important
- their role in root cause analysis & connecting Balance Sheet & Income Statement relationships
- trends over time

09:31 – 14:48 Trends & comparisons are critical and make you ask why
14:49 – 17:41 Cash & cash conversion cycle metrics
17:42 – 22:24 Burt’s favorite liquidity measure
22:25 – 27:57 Balance Sheet metrics – if your B/S is messed up, so is your Income Statement
27:58 – 31:23 Income Statement metrics
31:24 – 42:42 Metric examples & how they identify things that need to change
42:43 – 50:06 KPIs that can kill EBITDA or predict cycles
50:07 – 52:34 Fixed asset KPI examples
52:35 – 57:26 Leading indicators & dashboard examples
57:27 – 1:05:30 Q&A

Income Statment Analysis

Curious about how to extract deeper insights from your income statement? 🕵️

With Burt Copeland’s expertise, find out how to see your P&L in a whole new way– watch the ‘Income Statement Analysis’ session.

You’ll walk away with brilliant insights into quality revenue measures, margin analysis, productivity metrics and much more! Learn to use KPIs to create the perfect level of “team anxiety” and fuel your profits! 💡

Ensure your business is not just growing, but growing the RIGHT way!

At this event, you’ll gain valuable insights on:
✅ Measures that reveal the quality of your revenues
✅ Margin analysis – what it tells you about company profit
✅ Production of your people
✅ Little things drive BIG profits
✅ Metrics that indicate sustained growth or decline
✅ How you look to a banker

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform ‘little things’ into ‘big profits’! Join us and grow your business knowledge! 🌱


Topics by Timestamp

00:00 - 4:23 Introduction
04:24 - 9:45 Importance of knowing your numbers and what they are telling you
09:46 - 18:26 Burt’s favorite Income Statement KPIs
18:27 – 21:40 Metrics, trends & comparisons tell you what decisions need to be made
21:41 – 25:40 What your margins are telling you
25:41 – 27:44 Not all revenue is created equal
27:45 – 32:38 Some KPIs can drive big margins and others can kill EBITDA
32:39 – 47:58 Revenue KPIs that predict cycles; live KPI dashboards
47:59 – 52:40 Benchmark profiles; Q&A


The Revenue Strategy with Dacia Coffey

Unlock the secrets to driving profitable revenue growth with “The Revenue Strategy” session featuring renowned experts Dacia Coffey and Burt Copeland.

Recorded on March 15th, this power-packed 90-minute masterclass is a must-watch for any business leader or revenue professional looking to take their financial strategy to the next level.

Dacia and Burt pull back the curtain and reveal eye-opening insights into distinguishing between good revenue that fuels growth and bad revenue that can undermine your bottom line. You’ll learn proven tactics to build data-driven revenue projections that align with your business vision and goals.

But that’s not all! This comprehensive session dives deep into the nuances of managing accelerated growth while keeping profitability as the top priority. Dacia and Burt share their battle-tested strategies for adjusting your revenue approach to navigate changing market landscapes.

By the end of this information-rich recording, you’ll walk away with a proven revenue strategy framework to:

✨ Identify high-value revenue streams to pursue
✨ Forecast revenue with precision and accuracy
✨ Balance growth ambitions with profitability targets
✨ Pivot your revenue engine for maximum impact

Whether you’re a fresh startup or an established enterprise, this session will equip you with the revenue mastery you need to soar past the competition.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to learn from two of the sharpest revenue strategists in the game. Level up your financial strategy and hit play now!


Topics by Timestamp

00:00 – 02:59 Introduction – Marketing & Finance are not enemies
03:00 – 05:02 What is Revenue Strategy? Questions to ask yourself when evaluating your revenue strategy
05:03 – 08:09 Revenue mix and quality is the #1 indicator driving the value of your company
08:10 – 09:46 Lead Generation is not Revenue Generation; fix REVENUE gen
09:47 – 15:20 It’s all about doing the math
15:21 – 23:48 Margin size matters; Risk matters (i.e. customer concentration, seasonality, etc.)
23:49 – 27:06 Don’t rationalize why things aren’t working or ignore leading indicators; use outside eyes
27:07 – 36:13 Forecasting – profitability, cash flows, revenue. Start with the end in mind and your expectations
36:14 – 37:41 Sales support tools – start with the buyer journey, let marketing front the funnel, and let the sales team do the closing
37:42 – 48:45 How to build projections
48:46 – 53:17 Use pricing to fund “what’s next”; understand your total marketing and sales ecosystem
53:18 – 56:52 Growth eats cash; How to fund the growth (i.e. higher margins)
56:53 – 01:02:17 How to raise prices based on value perceived AND be better off
01:02:18 – 01:07:44 Q&A
01:07:45 – 01:13:25 Recommendations


Unleash the Power of Balance Sheet Analytics

Tired of income statements telling half the story?

Tune in now for a LIVE LinkedIn replay where Burt cracks the code on your balance sheet, the unsung hero of financial health.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

✅ The REAL purpose of your balance sheet (it’s not just a dusty report!)
✅Structure secrets: Why it’s organized the way it is, and how it reveals hidden truths
✅See through your banker’s eyes: Impress lenders with a balance sheet that speaks volumes
✅Unlock hidden cash: Discover strategies to squeeze more cash flow out of your business
✅Metrics that matter: Learn the key indicators you NEED to be tracking for financial success

Don’t miss out! Register now and:

📍Gain a deeper understanding of your company’s financial well-being.
📍Make smarter decisions based on real data.
📍Impress investors and lenders with your financial acumen.
📍Save your spot and join the live session!

P.S. Share this with anyone who wants to unlock the true power of their business!


Topics by Timestamp

00:00 - 02:10 Introduction
02:11 - 07:59 Balance sheet compared to income statement and cash flow
08:00 - 12:37 Balance sheet structure and how to read it
12:38 – 19:08 Trends, KPIs and comparisons are critical
19:09 – 25:29 Burt’s favorite Balance Sheet KPIs
25:30 – 31:31 Examples of balance sheet trends & KPIs – liquidity
31:32 – 36:43 THE critical KPI – OPLIQ
36:44 – 41:58 What’s really happening
41:59 - 46:44 Impact of process breaks
46:45 – 49:46 Recommended dashboard solutions


Additional Panelist Resources

Mark Galvan, ProForce:

Download the Participant Resources & Notes

More Resources… Employer Branding – Talent Attraction – Reputation Management – Recruiting Optimization

Link to Schedule a complimentary Employer Brand Review

Mark Mitford, HR Catalyst Consulting

Chris Bond, Bluewater Learning

Kim Kelley, pepelwerk