What Makes Our Fractional CFOs Different?

We are Entrepreneurs that just happen to be CFOs. Because all our CFOs have held CEO, President or General Management operational roles in addition to acting as CFOs, we are uniquely equipped to help CEOs identify opportunities to maximize their growth and profitability. We’ve walked in their shoes and know what keeps them up at night. We also deploy the “Best-in-Class” personality trait profiling system to ensure our CFOs are proactive, driven multi-taskers who can work with executives to both push and encourage. We develop the insights and implement the action plans they and their team need to realize their greatest potential, getting the CEO back to living the dream he or she envisioned when starting their company.

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Our Mission

Use our God-given financial and operational gifts to serve other business owners in a God-honoring way and engage in God-centered conversation when the situation demands His presence.


Our mission statement was forged in our founder’s experience in managing and turning around his own business.

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