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Consider a New Life CFO Career

Interested in being a New Life Fractional CFO?

We are looking for entrepreneurs that just happen to be CFOs!

We’re a Fractional CFO Consulting Firm that works with CEOs to radically increase the value of their businesses without making a huge investment. We partner with small to mid-market companies, providing their businesses with experience, leadership, and financial insights on a part-time (fractional) basis.

Read on for more information, and if you’re interested, please upload your résumé.


Sound like you?

  • I know that a CEO needs a trusted advisor, and not just a finance guru, to get to and alleviate the source of his/her sleepless nights.
  • I desire a great deal of freedom in defining my work and personal schedule.
  • I’m a competitive person who likes the idea of having income determined by my effort and not just my last review.
  • I’m a CFO who has also served as a COO, General Manager, President, or has owned my own company. I have a huge passion for helping others navigate their paths towards greater EBITDA and company value.
  • I enjoy working with business owners to re-craft their strategy to drive profits AND roll my sleeves up to make things happen.
  • I like being out in the business community and making new connections that could become clients, referral partners, or complimentary professionals that could help me serve my clients.

If so, you might love it at New Life CFO.

Our job is keeping you billable

Going from a corporate CFO to a fractional consultant is challenging. We understand.

So, we dedicate our best CFOs to be your personal coach on creating value to a client, building CEO relationships as their most trusted advisor, use of our technology stack and to connect you with our other outstanding CFOs or external resources to help to round out your personal toolkit.


Our commitment is to get you your first 4-6 clients ASAP because we understand that the most difficult part of being a fractional CFO is building and sustaining your workload. After 3 months, our CFOs’ plates are 70%+ full and they generally only need to bring on another 2 clients a year to keep their plates full. We commit to helping you get connected in the marketplace to make this happen.

Marketing Support

We invest heavily in multi-pronged marketing on a continuous basis to reach small to medium-sized businesses in the DFW marketplace and beyond. These efforts have been very successful in keeping our CFOs well fed.


We only bring on one CFO at a time so we can focus 100% on getting you clients before moving on to the next CFO. You will not be left behind.

Your toolbelt

We have worked diligently to make you the most effective Fractional CFO you can be. You will have access to:

Analytical & Reporting Database

An analytical and reporting database that automates most of the monthly analysis and reporting to make you “presentation ready” in a fraction of the time.

Budget & KPI Dashboards

A suite of dashboards to assist in monitoring your clients relative to KPIs, budgets, benchmarks, or other levels of targeted performance.

Organizational Leadership

Tap into a group of like-minded CFOs who have diverse backgrounds, skills, and gifts. To serve your clients you don’t have to know it all—we have others who can complement your skills to give your clients a true “one-stop-shop” solution.


Access to a substantial benchmark database that can be tailored to a company industry, size, and region.

Diagnostic Tools

Designed to get you in front of a reluctant prospective client and give you the opportunity to demonstrate what a true CFO can do for them without the client having to commit to a recurring fee structure.

Support Staff

Team members to assist in building models and updating analyses so you stay focused on the high value strategic initiatives.

For those committed to doing this on a full-time basis, our CFOs can expect to make $225,000–$385,000 a year

Our compensation structure is the combination of what you earned serving your clients and business development commissions which allows you to build up annuity income whether or not you are the CFO on the engagement.

We have created other avenues for you to tap into recurring revenue streams that will continue as long as you are with New Life CFO.

We keep you independent and flexible. Most of our CFOs are 1099 professional contractors and they like it that way. You get favorable tax treatment and greater independence on when, how and where you serve your clients. You also have the flexibility to take time off whenever you want for whatever you want—it is up to you.

Flexible and Primarily Remote

As one of our Fractional CFOs you will have a portfolio of 4-6 clients where you will take on an active role in their executive team to take their company to the next level. Most of our clients are owner-operated companies, in a variety of industries with revenues between $5 to $75MM. You’ll primarily work remotely, but monthly and as-needed on-site meetings with clients may be required.

As mentioned above, our CFOs are in control of their own annual compensation dependent on how many clients and how much business development they want to take on.

Our flexible model works well for both CFOs who are wanting to maximize their income to build financial security for their family as well as those who are exiting corporate life but still want to remain active in the business world until they fully retire.

Apply today and take the skills assessment test immediately.

All qualified candidates will go through a rigorous background screen and drug and alcohol tests.

Accounting Careers

In addition to fractional CFOs, we offer clients customized accounting services, including bookkeeping and controller roles. If you’re interested in one of the roles below, please apply via the link provided.