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Exit Planning & Valuation Accelerator

65 to 80 percent of many business owners’ wealth is locked in their businesses, yet 80% of businesses cannot be sold—and their owners don’t know until it’s too late. The time for exit planning is now, and we can help. It all starts with a free, 10-minute assessment.

Why you need an experienced exit plan advisor

Reality is, exit planning is often treated like an event—something you do once, and you’re done.

Reality is, exit planning should be a process—something you’re doing on a regular basis. It goes beyond the event of selling the business because, as any competent exit planning advisor will tell you, executing your business exit plan is only part of the process.

Value planning versus exit planning services

Pop quiz time. Can you:

  • Measure your human capital?
  • Transfer your team, training, & talent acquisition?
  • Transfer (and monetize) your customer relationships?
  • Protect your organization’s “way of working” if you’re not the CEO?
  • Confidently put a value behind your social capital?

Don’t worry. You won’t be graded, and if you’re not sure of any of the answers, you’re not alone.

The vast majority of businesses are un-sellable because leadership didn’t have the foresight to value plan, either early enough—or, sadly, in some cases, at all. These businesses aren’t sellable because they have no value in the marketplace with someone else at the reins. Would you buy a car you had no idea how to drive or maintain—without its keys, no less—especially if you didn’t have a sense of its actual value?

The criteria used to determine transferable value and overall valuation is the same list of opportunities used to scale your team, your excellence, and profitable growth. Shining a light on these blind spots gives you a clear and measurable blueprint for business success—an actual, workable exit plan tied to actual value planning so that if/when you’re ready to sell, you not only know exactly how much your business is worth, but also, your business is actually worth something to someone else.

Have you unlocked the true potential and value of your business?

Think back to when you first began & what you envisioned.
Are you living the life and leading the business you dreamed? If not, it’s time to unlock the excellence and wealth hidden in your business. You’ve poured loads of sweat equity into your business and it’s time to make sure your effort pays off. So how do you do that?

The key is to clarify and maximize the value of your company.

The “value” of your company is defined by your EBITDA combined with the strength of your processes and whether your success in all key areas of your business is transferrable.

Would your business hold value without you at the helm?

How New Life CFO can serve as your exit plan advisor

We’ve been breathing new life into plans, processes, and profits for over a decade. Through operational CFO expertise, we’ve helped hundreds of companies achieve bold, financial strides that relieve the anxiety and frustration experienced when business owners and CEOs must lead despite unmet expectations and unrealized dreams.

Our Value Acceleration Bootcamp program is designed to unleash your organizational excellence and EBITDA to drive your highest possible multiple. Even if you’re not planning an exit from your business, we believe every business owner deserves to realize their potential.

Take our assessment to see where you stand and find clear areas of opportunity to drive dramatic improvement, wealth, and progress.


Become your own exit advisor

Try our Value Acceleration Bootcamp
Exit planning exponentially grows easier when you know the fundamentals behind optimizing your business’s value. Our Value Acceleration Bootcamp consists of 7 linear modules delivered in a mix of online and in-person workshops.

This curriculum will clarify your specific value optimization levers, how to overcome obstacles keeping you from your wants and needs and includes a deep dive analysis into your finances and structure to drive profit and wealth.

The Value Acceleration Bootcamp Overview

Readiness assessment

7 weekly online meetings will arm you with the clarity and specifics you need to maximize your value and overcome the obstacles standing in your way.

In-Person workshop

Clarify your “Why”, motives, and goals to ensure your future plans will achieve your vision.

Understand your “As is” value.

Determining the attractiveness of your business’s current value before any optimization measures are implemented will surface any hidden wealth opportunities and perceived risks.

Insight 2911

Here, we’ll build the initial plans to prosper you through financial and structural analysis. We’ll also outline time-phased plans for improvement.

Build your “What if” value

We’ll look at how to project estimated ROIs of your improvement plans to measure the future potential value of your company after implementation.

Team assessment

Transformation does not happen alone. In this session, you will assess your management team’s ability to implement the corrective actions.


Armed with clarity and plans, it’s time to implement and execute your plan to excellence.


This service is designed to identify weakness, prioritize action, and radically increase EBITDA and the multiple you can receive if you ever want to exit your business. It’s aggressive, fun, and will put you on the final path of building the business you always dreamed of.
Once completed, we will schedule a 30-minute call with you to discuss your results and our recommendations on next steps.