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Financial Diagnostic Services

Get clarity on your areas of opportunity, risk, and relief.

A small, one-time investment can give you the answers you’ve been looking for to take your company to the next level of profitability and performance quickly and for the long-haul.

We have three Diagnostic Services specific to the insights and improvement you need now.

Accounting Wellness Assessment

Bad Numbers cannot lead to Good Decisions

The Accounting Wellness Assessment is a Controller-led, 4-stage process to determine if your accounting function is well suited to feed you critical information and seamlessly enable your growth and vision. You will get a review of your current accounting processes with written, actionable performance recommendations. It will include:

  • Are your processes strong and efficient enough to consistently produce reliable, accurate financials on or before the 15th?
  • Is your team using proven technologies to improve internal controls and automate and streamline your accounting processes??
  • Do you have the proper controls to protect your company from hidden vulnerability, misappropriations, or fraud?
  • Are the people in your accounting team the Right People in the Right Seats? Do they need access to best practices and training? Lastly, do they have the bandwidth and know-how to grow with the company?
  • Do your financials and suite of metrics guide and build your decision-making confidence?

Insight 2911

“For I know the plans that I have for you”, says the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” – Jeremiah 29:11 NIV

Insight 2911 is a multi-year, comprehensive financial deep dive into your business combined with operational data and industry benchmarks. The outcomes highlight Risks, Threats and Opportunities for your business and the financial impact of addressing these with heavy emphasis on driving Cash Flow, Liquidity and EBITDA ASAP. This serves as the foundation for building and executing a plan to fulfill your true organizational potential. The results highlight:

  • The strengths and weaknesses of the company relative to normal financial standards and industry benchmarks
  • Critical trends and relationships that indicate risks, liquidity issues, drivers of cash flow or shifts in operating norms that management should monitor and remedy
  • Profit Trends of different Lines of Business.
  • Assessment of erratic performance and it’s root cause.
  • The recommended plan of action to strengthen the company, make the results more sustainable and optimize EBITDA and Cash Flow
  • Leadership Team understanding of how a bank or investor looks at the company and its debt capacity to fuel growth
  • A recommended suite of KPIs and a dashboard suite to monitor progress to the targets.

Attractiveness & Readiness Assessment

80+% of Businesses are Unsellable and 75% of those Owners who do sell had Profound Regret after 1 year

Think back to when you first began your business and what you envisioned. Are you living the life and leading the business you dreamed? If not, it’s time to unlock the excellence and wealth hidden in your business.

The first step is to take the initial assessment of your readiness and attractiveness uniquely designed to identify what is diluting the value of your business and the increase in selling price if resolved.

In this analysis, you’ll get clarity on the organization’s attractiveness to investors and the structural readiness necessary to optimize a valuation multiple. Industry benchmarks with recommended initiatives will be developed to give you a plan to drive higher EBITDA multiples.

You Deserve More For What You’ve Built.

  • Higher EBIDTA
  • Higher Multiple
  • Operational Stability
  • Solid Processes
  • Transferable Value

The process is endorsed by the Exit Planning Institute and is incorporated into the proven practices of a Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA).

Investor Value Optimization Services

iVOS or Investor Value Optimization Services is a tailored service offering for Active Investors, including Family Offices, Private Equity Groups or individuals’ making their first Acquisition.

This is not Due Diligence. Nor is it Quality of Earnings assessment.

iVOS is the combination of three diagnostics: Accounting Wellness, Insight 2911 and the Attractiveness and Readiness Assessment. The end result is a detailed roadmap to ensure

A) stability of the back office that will sustain the stresses of growth initiatives,
B) accelerated pathway to optimize Cashflow, EBITDA, Liquidity and Core Operating Performance and
C) identififaction and prioritization of the structural components of a company that drive higher multiples in Value.

We also assess the management team for disconnect in the new needs of the company and their leaderships’ ability to execute. The roadmap enables the investors to harvest large returns when the company is ready to be put back on the market. The same process also enable buy and hold investors to drive EBITDA and do so in a manner that is sustainable and measurable for years to come.

Benchmark Diagnostic Rating

How do you stack up compared to your industry peers?

Familiarity breeds blind spots. Since our founding, every single one of our clients has discovered financial opportunities they were leaving on the table. It is common for entrepreneurship, passion, and even industry expertise to breed a curse of knowledge that prevents CEOs from seeing their businesses with clear eyes.

The Benchmark Diagnostic Rating can tell you the reality of your operation and how you rate against the other players in your industry.

This insight is invaluable for:

  • Setting goals for annual plans
  • Uncovering hidden risks and vulnerabilities
  • Identifying clear and actionable areas for improving profit and performance
  • Preparing your company for sale by having solid data for potential buyers
  • Maximizing your multiple upon exit by proving your company’s superior performance

With the data, we will work with your leadership team and “Turn Your Income Statement Upside Down” to identify what must change to meet or exceed the industry average for your company.

I cannot say enough about our experience with Burt Copeland and his organization. His character and aptitude for understanding business needs and opportunities impressed our entire team.

When Burt came on staff he identified our top priorities and created buy-in among our owners and leadership team.

We are 21 months in and there is no one on the Exec team that could imagine us functioning without New Life CFO.

— Kari Pickering, Chief Operating Officer, iClassPro