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Clarity. Direction. New Life.

Comprehensive fractional CFO, financial & accounting services

Because we’ve also served as owners, CEOs, presidents, and COOs, we’ve seen the world from your perspective. And for companies whose financials simply don’t reflect the passion and vision of their teams, we provide the leadership and strategic thinking that helps refocus and realign.

With over $675MM currently under management and experience that parallels your own, we know that understanding your financials is the most important thing you can do for your business. Let us help reignite your plans, processes, and profits—starting with a free consult.

New Life for Your Plans, Processes, & Profits

As DFW’s most experienced Chief Financial Officers, our knowledge, insights, and financial acumen help companies achieve an unequivocally sound financial foundation that fuels cash flow, establishes unprecedently efficient operations, and finally, sets the stage for new levels of growth—all at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time CFO.

One of my best decisions as CEO was bringing Burt Copeland and the New Life CFO team on as our financial controller five years ago. Their financial accounting and analysis provide me with leading indicators to grow our revenues and bottom line with confidence. If you don’t have control of your numbers, you’re flying blind in an economy that is not forgiving. I highly recommend them without reservation.

— David Phelps, CEO, Freedom Founders

Fractional CFO.
110% Commitment.

Operational excellence is part of our CFOs’ DNA. We take charge. We lead by example. We set goals, and we expect to achieve them. In short, we’re restless entrepreneurial doers—like you.

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Understanding Your Finances

While entrepreneurs often have a practically innate sense for marketing along with an advanced mastery of their chosen business vertical, making business decisions based on flawed, incomplete, or otherwise imperfect financial information is more common than you think. Fortunately, we can help provide financial clarity for your business—without the need for adding a full-time CFO. We can show you how in 60 minutes, with a free, no-obligation call.

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