Burt Copeland


Burt is a dynamic organizational leader with an uncommon combination of financial discipline, strategic vision, and operational expertise. He excels in helping businesses grow by assessing performance, capabilities, challenges and opportunities, and developing turnaround plans that quickly produce desired results. With over 25 years of experience leading the financial and operational functions of small to medium-sized companies, Burt has proven his ability to help companies improve EBITDA and raise valuations throughout his career. His commitment to utilize his core skills of financial discipline and team-centric leadership, combined with his passion for driving change, ensure powerful and sustainable results.

Burt’s specialties include: strategic planning, process reengineering, EBITDA growth, budgeting and forecasting, contract negotiation, working capital optimization, debt financing and risk management, among others. He also excels in team leadership, having led teams of five to 75 in understanding the challenges and issues at hand, and gaining their commitment to the changes required to reach best-in-class performance. Before creating New Life CFO in October of 2013, Burt served in a number of executive positions, including CEO, CFO, COO, VP of Operations and Controller, working for companies including EFG Companies, Montgomery Coscia Greilich, Corporate Floors, ReSource Flooring Group, Fleet Capital, Fujitsu, PepsiCo and Coopers & Lybrand CPAs.

Burt’s passion is to use his gifts of financial, strategic and operational management to serve others. He created New Life CFO in order to enable growing companies to meet their Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals (BHAGs). By guiding clients through challenges and providing dedicated support, he allows them to focus on using their own gifts to do what they love — not what they have to do.

Burt F. Copeland
CFO Since 1998
[email protected]
(214) 315-2275 cell
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