Brian Moen


Brian has spent over 20 years successfully leading Finance, FP&A and Business Process. His experience ranges from small to large private companies owned individually or private equity as well as large public companies across multiple industries. His approach to driving positive results for all stakeholders is to partner with the executive teams, business development and operational leadership. The goal being to understand the key drivers and dependencies for each area of the business to create visibility and promote positive change. Digging into the financial results and operations to understand the previous decisions behind the numbers then allows for bringing alignment so decisions going forward will deliver on the company’s values and strategy.

Brian understands the value of relationships and taking great care to provide the support needed both professionally and personally. Great vision and values are front and center to creating an environment where business can thrive, and employees can grow and reap those rewards. Partnering with leadership to identify challenges and implement the change needed to operate efficiently and reach or expand profitability is critical. Whether it be determining the best metrics that drive the business, to strategic planning and modeling, to operational overhauls or process creation, Brian has a passion to help businesses succeed.

Brian enjoys spending time with his large growing family and grandchildren, his church community, running and sports in general.

Brian Moen
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