Investor Corral

Helping Investors and Prospects Connect: the Investor Corral


At New Life CFO, we form valuable partnerships with top-performing private companies, as well as highly qualified investors. The Investor Corral is a members-only portal designed to bring these two groups together — helping growing businesses market themselves more effectively, and assisting investors in finding more deals, faster. We expect the portal to launch in early 2016. If you’d like to be informed when we launch, let us know. In the meantime, here’s an overview of how it will work:

For Investors: Find Top-Performing Prospects in a Fraction of the Time.
New Life CFO will post anonymous profiles of the companies with whom we are currently partnering. Investors can view revenues, statistics and financial trends, along with business type, region and industry. Because all posted prospects are partnering with New Life CFO, you can feel confident they are under strong financial management, and are focused on enhancing profitability. If you’re interested in a company in the Corral, let us know. We’ll gather your information, share it with the prospect, and facilitate an introduction. You’ll save time by shortening the due-diligence cycle — enabling you to find your next deal faster.Contact Us
Be the first to know about the latest deals.

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For Businesses: Gain Visibility to Interested Investors.
For businesses who post profiles on the Investor Corral, you’ll get on the radar of qualified investors, helping you to sell sooner, while keeping your confidential information secure. Only subscribed PEGs and investment bankers will have access to your information, which will be anonymous until a formal introduction is made. Through the “comments” features, interested investors can privately ask questions and share information that could be vital to your business’s growth. Your information is also protected by non-disclosure agreements (NDA), required by all participating investors.Contact Us
Get noticed by qualified investors.
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