GAP Service

Why G A P?

Our G A P services are designed to perform a comprehensive health assessment of Your Company.

Gather – Company & industry information
Analyze – Financial performance, accounting & controls infrastructure, strategic potential and management team
Plan – Layout a Plan Of Action for your team. Sequenced to address the largest risks ASAP or ROI measured in EBITDA or Enterprise Value

We take a deep dive into your liquidity and if you have enough working capital to operate with confidence. If more cash is needed, we will map out internal sources and explore how to raise cash externally. Benchmarks for liquidity, working capital, cash flow, debt capacity. Determine how fast you can grow without additional capital. Risk of debt covenants violation. We show you how your company looks to investors and bankers through our Value Builder Assessment and outline corrective actions.

G A P Analysis

We Find Strengths, Weaknesses and Sources of Cash

Market, Controls & Accountability

Assessment of Top 10 – 30 Customers for the past two years.

Assessment of Top 10 – 20 Vendors for the past two years.

Evaluate risk of fraud with our Small Business Key Control Assessment. Evaluate the strength of your Goal Setting, Accountability and Reporting Infrastructure.

SWOT Analysis

We eliminate the enablers and obstacles to your company’s future financial success.

Analytical Review

Assessment of your performance against historical performance

Industry Benchmarks

We determine where cash is going and how productively cash is being deployed.

If you need improved financial results immediately, watch our three-part series on how to create financial stability now and improve profitability for the long term.