Frequently Asked Questions

It varies by client and it all begins with you. By this, we start with your goals and aspirations and then look at both the delta in your current performance Vs these goals and your biggest financial management challenges.  From this, we work with you on the recommended course of action and how we can generate additional cash or profits ASAP. Most clients engage us for recurring services and pay us based on an agreed-upon retainer.

We truly step in as your CFO to provide your team with financial insight and the elbow grease to get things done. The only difference is that in the market we serve of entrepreneurial business with $50 to $2.5 million means they simply don’t have enough CFO level work to justify adding a $250,000 salary to the payroll.

Sure, we have CFO’s, controllers, accounting managers and staff analysts.  You could truly outsource your entire accounting and financial management functions and not miss a beat. However, before jumping that far, let’s first assess what your needs are and prioritize your services and fees accordingly. For our clients that do use both our CFO and controller services, they still have significant savings compared to hiring a full-time controller.

While we do work remotely for some clients, our preference is to be on-site for most of our work. Our productivity is greatly enhanced by the personal Q&A dynamics that can only be experienced in person. Furthermore, some of the most valuable conversations we’ll be involved in are those that occur organically as people work together and leverage each other’s area of expertise.

To start, the majority of our work is done directly on your system. We can do this via physical connection when on-site or through your VPN protocol. Outside of this, all of our work product is stored in a secure cloud server, Egnyte. Egnyte uses encryption techniques on all access routes. All data transmission, including uploads, downloads, and browsing is encrypted using 256-bit AES protocol.

Well, we’re not a CPA firm and given this, we don’t prepare Tax filings or Audit services.   We’re more than happy to leave that to the CPA’s and we’ll stay focused on making you more money.

Yes, as some of our clients are out of town. In these cases, we combine being on-site with Zoom calls/meetings. There are other times that we’ll work remotely simply to stay focused on a specific task with critical deadlines.

Our primary market is DFW, but referral business from happy clients leads us into remote engagements as well. This includes clients in Austin, San Antonio, Arkansas, Tennessee, Minnesota, Florida and California.

An AP Clerk is a valuable resource to process the daily invoices and process approved invoices for payment. While they are great at “doing,” they rarely see the bigger picture or the “why.” They also cannot concept how to transition your business to the next level. In fact, even a controller, is normally focused on the rearview mirror which makes sense as their primary job is to close LAST MONTH and make sure the numbers are good. A CFO, is a future-looking, financial and operational strategist. They understand how your company makes money and how to make more. They are the bridge between your historical performance on one side and the financial possibilities of the future. They use the work product of the accounting staff to provide insight, strategic alternatives and opportunities to optimize your performance. Think of a CFO as your Navigator in the cockpit as you pilot the plane.

When most people say CPA, they are thinking of their Tax CPA or perhaps their auditor. These are compliance roles and sometimes provide limited strategies including Tax Strategies. A CFO is a planner and strategist focused entirely on making you more profitable, valuable and sustainable. As a part of this role, a CFO is also a Chief Financial Educational Officer, in that they teach your people how their actions, decisions and behaviors can enhance the performance of the company.

You started this business with financial goals and aspirations. If these are not being realized, then you’re likely missing the financial insight to drive these to reality.

An accountant should provide you with good numbers. A CFO provides financial insight to guide your business to greater EBITDA, Cash Flow and company value.

Most CEOs have a vision for their company but few have a strong operating plan to make their vision become a reality.  A strong operating CFO works directly with your leadership to show them how their actions, behaviors and decisions affect the financial performance of the company.

With a few exceptions, we are industry agnostic. We have strong presence in manufacturing, distribution, warehousing, construction, consulting/B2B services, financing, technology and Saas platforms, landscape services/products, automotive shops and car dealerships. And this is only a few of the industries we have expertise in. Industries that we avoid are: public companies, heavily regulated industries and hospitals.

We are entrepreneurs that just happen to be CFO’s.  By this, our CFO’s are operating CFO’s who have previously also been a general manager, president or have owned their own company in addition to great careers as CFO’s.    As such, we are uniquely qualified to be your financial partner in navigating your business to its highest and best outcome.

We normally start with one of several diagnostic assessments of your company.  Just like your doctor, we want to find out if/where there is a problem and outline the best solution. From this, we’ll work with you on what is the most cost-effective solution for you from a stand-alone project to recurring fractional CFO or accounting services.  No matter what direction is, our commitment is to be an outstanding ROI for your company, drive real measurable improvement and never be “Overhead.”

It starts with you. A discussion about why you started the business and your goals and where are you in your journey in achieving these goals. Depending on this we’ll likely recommend one of several financial diagnostic assessments to determine issues, opportunities, financial impact of addressing these.    Lastly, we’ll work with you to determine the level of service you require going forward from either outsource Controller/accounting services to one of our three levels of CFO services: CFO Coach, CFO management or CFO leadership (add link to description of services on web site and “car wash menu” of these services).

We can but most companies $5 million to 50 million rarely need a full-time CFO for one of two reasons. The company simply can’t afford the $200,000 to $300,000+ salary a Fulltime CFO would demand, or they simply don’t have enough CFO work.  Don’t have your CFO do the work of an accountant or analyst just because they are bored. Hire the low-cost accountant to do that work and outsource your CFO work only to the extent needed.

If you need improved financial results immediately, watch our three-part series on how to create financial stability now and improve profitability for the long term.