Don’t take our word for it. Hear what our clients have to say about working with New Life CFO.


“We’ve worked with New Life CEO for over six years and they’ve helped us navigate some very rough waters and back to financial health. They bring an unusual mix of practical business sense and financial acumen that keeps me focused on balancing risk vs. opportunity.”

Bruce Davidson – CEO of Speech Privacy Systems


“I wish we had discovered them years ago—it would have made a transformative difference in both our growth and our profitability. New Life has overdelivered for us, and we are deeply grateful.”

Linda Chaput, CEO of Agile Mind


“Burt and his team deliver results…they play a key role in keeping our company financially healthy, which means we can continue to create more freedom in the lives of the clients we serve.”

Davy Tyburski, President of Freedom Founders


When I reached out to Lewen at New Life in 2018 we were doing well but had begun to stagnate.   My plan was to simply retain professional accounting/bookkeeping services to ensure that the finance department did not hinder sales growth.

But after only a few short months, it was clear that Lewen had taken us to a whole new level. Quickly, he synced our finance department and sales and was instrumental in improving our sales for the first time in 36 months. He taught us which levers to pull to achieve specific outcomes and improve strategy, forecasting or systems. Most importantly, Lewen provided clarity and the tools to make data-driven decisions. Lewen’s vision and foresight are unmatched, and he has become an integral member of my team.”

Jason Falcon, CEO of LEAP Property Management


“If you are a business owner, you are by nature a risk taker. Not having a CFO is risking your business. That is a risk I will no longer accept.  Burt Copeland and Terry DeGarmo turned my business around in less than a year. I highly recommend them.”

Steve Baxter, President of Technique Data Systems, Inc


“Burt and New Life have provided a service we couldn’t find anywhere else. The value comes from the confluence of financially supported strategy and a practical, “we can get that done” mindset. Burt has a unique ability to translate financial discussions for operationally minded business leaders.

There are a lot of companies that can offer leadership team level advice or basic accounting services, but NL can do it both and most everything in between. Since working with New Life we’re seeing, thinking and acting about our business in a much different way…a much better and profitable way.”

Stephen Park, President of EZ Bel Construction


“Terry, our CFO from New Life, could take a basic concept with very little detail and carry it through into a completed project. Additionally, Terry interacted on a regular basis with the Private Equity Group that owned CBI and was extremely capable of understanding their requests and presenting answers to them in the format in which they were accustomed. Terry and the team at New Life CFO,  would have an immediate and positive impact on any organization.”

David Pair, Chief Operating Officer of CBI Laboratories


“New Life CFO has been an Invaluable Strategic Partner for my business.   Their business Acumen and accountability were exactly what we needed.   They are the right partner to help you weather the storm.”

Gina Buser, CEO of Traveling Coaches


“Trusted, knowledgeable, and results oriented. You can count on New Life CFO to provide your organization with real facts to make real business decisions.”

Michael Hall, Business Owner & Executive Advisor



Work With Us

New Life CFO sources contractors with a wide variety of industry experience who have served at least ten years as fulltime CFOs. If your company needs help with your financial big picture, we’re happy to discuss your needs.

If you need improved financial results immediately, watch our three-part series on how to create financial stability now and improve profitability for the long term.