Controller Services

Cleaner Books + Better Reporting = Stronger Financials

Save time. Control expenses. Reduce risks AND increase your company’s value. Accurate, high quality financial data doesn’t just help you make better business decisions.  It also makes your business more valuable to potential investors and buyers, more attractive to lenders, and more efficient in its operations.  New Life CFO’s Controller Services give Business Owners and CEO’s the information they need to make meaningful actual-to-budget comparisons, ensure external reporting compliance, prevent losses through enhanced controls and to make sound business decisions, all while reducing time and money spent on accounting duties.

What is an Outsourced Controller?

An effective Controller professionally manages and efficient monthly accounting close that produces timely and accurate financial statements, balance sheet account reconciliations and variance reporting that could yield cost controls, while enhancing internal controls.  New Life CFO provides companies with accounting professionals on a part-time basis, helping companies reduce hiring expenses while benefiting from the services of best-in-class Controller personnel and processes.

What is the difference between a Controller and a CFO?  Do I need both?

Smaller companies may combine the CFO and Controller roles, but for larger firms or firms that wish to grow, both roles are essential.  While Controllers are experts in accounting procedures, CFO’s must have a broader skill set that also includes an understanding of operations, strategy, risk management and sales.  Another key difference is that, while a Controllers’ work is usually focused on using historic financial information to create report and control expenses, CFO’s concentrate more on the future, creating financial projections and budgets based on business models and key performance metrics, and looking for ways to improve the financial health of the company.

What Outsourced Services does New Life CFO provide?

At New Life CFO, our Controller Services fit into three main categories:  Catch Up/Clean Up, Guidance and Support, and Accounting Close.

    1. Catch Up/Clean Up
      A clean and up-to-date set of books can make it easier for a CFO to manage the financial projections and improve the company’s financial reporting for loans, mergers, acquisitions, and company and asset sales.  Organizing and catching up your company’s accounting records can also help with day-to-day business management and financial decisions.  New Life Controller Services can complete the Catch Up and Clean Up of your company’s accounting records.
    2. Guidance and Support
      For companies that currently have a bookkeeper or even a full-time accounting staff in place, New Life can provide valuable, best-in-class mentoring, guidance, advising, training and consultation regarding accounting questions, systems and processes.
    3. Accounting Close
      New Life Controller Services will manage the monthly accounting close for companies by a pre-determined date, such as the 15th of each month. Part of the accounting close process is reconciling ALL bank statements and ALL balance sheet accounts on a monthly basis. New Life Controller Services will create and manage the accounting close schedule, and present comprehensive financial statements to the CEO/CFO. All work is done in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).
    4. Outsourced Controller Services
      A dependable Controller to mange accounts payable, cash flow and other bookkeeping tasks. A New Life Outsourced Controller will focus on your accounting while you focus on the big picture.

Why do I need a Controller?

Are Controller Services from New Life CFO a Good Fit for My Business?

If you do need a Controller, the good news is….  You don’t have to hire a full-time staff member to get the support you need.  New Life CFO’s Controller Services make it easy to get access to highly skilled Controllers and accounting professionals on a part-time basis.

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