Careers for CFOs and FP&A Professionals

Our CFOs are passionate about building strong, sustainable businesses — including their own.

The average tenure of a CFO is three to five years, due to a combination of CEO turnover and/or acquisitions.

Tired of being in-transition? Want more control over your career?
Indulge your entrepreneurial instincts, and embark on a more meaningful path that creates significant results for your clients — and your own business. As a New Life CFO, you’ll benefit from the flexibility to work full-time, or on a part-time basis. We provide stability and support for our CFOs, leveraging your time and billable services to create winning results, and a rewarding work-life balance. You choose your work schedule — so you can stay engaged, while also enjoying the fruits of your previous successes.

Put your financial expertise to work.
Life is better when you’re performing at your peak potential — so why settle for opportunities that don’t fully utilize your talents? At New Life CFO, you’ll be a strategic partner to several CEOs with a wide variety of challenges and dynamic issues.

Tools to Assist CFOs
Our analytical tools automate monthly analyses and other time-consuming processes, saving time, providing value to your clients, and creating a recurring service stream for you. Here are some of the tools we provide for CFOs:

Careers for CFOs

Are you an entrepreneur who just happens to be a CFO?

Do you love to problem-solve?

Does designing and building companies with significantly greater profits or enterprise value give you great satisfaction?

Are you passionate about serving others to help them realize their dreams?

Do you find being “in transition” every three to five years to be emotionally and financially draining?

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CFO Experience Desired:

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Careers for Directors of Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) 
and Financial Analyst:

Do you love building financial models?

Do you enjoy engaging in “What if” discussions with functional leaders of companies and their staff?

Do you enjoy building new tools, analyses and access databases to identify, correct and monitor the financial or operational performance of a company?

Do you enjoy teaching but know it doesn’t pay enough to fit your aspirations?

Is your favorite buzz the one you get from data diving and preparing killer graphics and presentations?

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