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What if you could close one or two more deals each year? What would it be worth to you? Would you sleep better if your portfolio companies all had top-tier financial reporting and a CFO who knew how to deliver results? Looking for a CFO partner that is focused on making this a reality?

Investment bankers and private equity groups (PEGs) typically review 100 deals per year — but only close on five.

What difference would closing one more qualified deal make to your bottom line?

We’ll focus on growing your prospects — so you can focus on closing more deals.
As a banker or investor, you spend a great deal of time scouting prospects, performing due diligence, and working with prospective companies to get the most value from your investments. However, closing deals takes time, and leaves you vulnerable to competitors, who may swoop in and “steal” a company you’ve been working hard to move from prospect to signed deal. At New Life CFO, we partner with you on these opportunities to help the businesses grow — while keeping you apprised of their performance and connected to the CEO. We’ll work with the CEO to deliver on fiscal objectives and eliminate deal obstacles, while keeping you connected to your deal flow, so you can get back to what you do best — getting signed deals done and funded.

Here’s how we do it:

Transform Prospects Into Profitable Deals with Our Fractional CFO Services.
When you encounter a prospect that has strong potential, but needs financial guidance to grow, New Life CFO can help. We provide fractional CFO services that help businesses reach higher levels of success — while addressing the core objectives of bankers and PEGs. Simply introduce us to your client, and let us know your performance goals and key concerns. We will partner with both you and your client, providing financial structure and operational support to improve performance, and keeping you informed of progress by facilitating quarterly meetings, and sharing scorecards with key metrics. By keeping you connected, we help protect your prospects from the competition — and ensure you have the information you need when you’re ready to act.

Let’s work together.
At New Life CFO, we’re committed to helping you and your prospects succeed. Contact us today to schedule a meeting so we can get to know one another, and breathe new life into your deal flow.

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